UGA Athletics Computer Use Policy

The UGA Athletic Association provides student-athletes and its staff the privilege to use the  computer facilities located in the Rankin Smith Student-Athlete Academic Center.  The use of the computer facilities is restricted to student-athletes, trainers, team managers, and the athletic staff.  The following procedures must be observed.  Failure to follow these procedures will result in the LOSS of your computer privileges.

General Information

The Computer Lab has 52 Dell computers with the Windows XP Professional, an HP 4600 color laser printer, an HP 4600 black and white laser printer, and an HP Scanjet 5470c scanner.  This service is provided in order for  users to write papers, complete computer assignments, register for classes, drop/add courses and to provide a learning environment for computer related subjects.  The computers are connected to the University's network system, allowing access to the Library, NOVANET, OASIS, other computer labs on campus, and the Internet.  Software provided:  Microsoft Office 2000 suite, virus protection, the GRE, the GMAT practice tests, CPE reading, Math, English and other tutorials.  All computers send printouts to the laser printer located in the middle of the lab.

CHECK OUR WEBSITE for ALL services provided.


1) You must have a 3.5" diskette or a Zip disk in order to save your files.

2) You must run a virus scan on your diskette.  If a virus is found, notify the proctor on duty.

3) No GAMES of any sort are permitted - Playing games on the computers is not allowed.

4) Absolutely no food, drink or tobacco products are allowed in the Computer Lab.

5) No horseplay will be tolerated.  The Lab is a quiet work area; noise should be kept at a minimum. 

     Please, be considerate towards your fellow students.

6) You may print only one final copy
of a document.  This is an NCAA rule.  If you need more than

    one copy of a document, you must use a copier in order to reproduce that document.

7) Non-academic services such as E-Mail, Chat, and the World Wide Web are only to be used before   

     6:00 p.m. except when required  for academic assignment(s).  TIME SPENT ON THESE   


8) You may use the licensed software provided in the lab.  You may not use the computers to copy

    programs (software) or any other copyright files.  You may not install any software on the

    computers or use any illegally duplicated software.  Please note that 'pirating' or copying licensed

    software for your own use is a felony

9) Defacing/Damages - students are not allowed to write or make markings of any kind on the

    equipment.  Destruction of the equipment or property is strictly prohibited, and violators will be 

    charged for any damage or destruction.   DO NOT ERASE FILES, ICONS, etc., or ALTER THE


Each team is responsible for supplying student-athletes with a LAPTOP COMPUTER




In addition to the above policies, guidelines, and procedures, the UGA Athletic Association also adheres  to the University of Georgia's policies on academic dishonesty and computer misuse.  Please refer to these policies in the UGA Student Handbook.  Breach of these policies may subject you to disciplinary actions determined by the Office of Academic Affairs of the University of Georgia and/or the Athletic Association.

I have attended the computer orientation session, have read the above policies and guidelines and fully understand them and the penalties that I will be subjected to if I fail to comply with these policies and guidelines.


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